A Journey Through Love’s Shadows.

In shadows cast by love’s deceitful guise,
He wandered blind, his heart the captive prize.
Through realms unknown, where truth remained concealed,
He followed trails of falsehood, unrevealed.

Blinded by visions of what love should be,
He stumbled on, longing to truly see.
No directions offered, no guiding light,
Just echoes of a love that felt so right.

Yet as he journeyed through the murky haze,
He found not warmth, but cold, unyielding ways.
For love, a sun, failed to illuminate,
Its rays obscured by lies and twisted fate.

No distant beacon to lead him to the truth,
Only illusions, fading with his youth.
Like the sun on a gloomy, clouded day,
Love’s promise faltered, lost along the way.

And so he learned, though blinded by desire,
True love is not consumed by passion’s fire.
It’s found in honesty, in trust, in grace,
A guiding light in love’s uncertain space.

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