Echoes of Love Finding Light in the Shadows.

In the heart’s dim corners, where shadows creep,
Like storm clouds brewing, the blues do seep.
But seek within, where memories gleam,
Find solace in dreams, like a lover’s sweet stream.

In days of yore, when skies were fair,
Love’s tender touch, a whispered prayer.
A lover’s embrace, a refuge true,
In solitude’s embrace, they come to woo.

When loneliness weighs heavy, and the night is long,
Recall the warmth of love, like a favorite song.
For better days await, beyond the gloom,
In the heart’s sanctuary, there’s always room.

So let the storm rage, let the tempest cry,
For within, hope’s flame will never die.
Like a beacon in the night, it shines so bright,
Guiding you through the darkest night.

When like gives you the blues, and skies turn gray,
Remember, love’s embrace will light your way.
For heaven’s sent are those moments dear,
And in their embrace, there’s naught to fear.

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