Her walls are surrounding her again
Hurt love made her put up bricks again
This time she’s taking her time
Looking for the kind of love to lift her up
Not put her down
Because that’s not love
Knowing she’s worth it
Why you say
Her love is no ordinary love
Because it comes straight from the universe

Spirituality speaking hearing the wind in a canyon so grand
Makes you think there is a plan
Looking out colors all around
All shapes and sizes are to be found
Sometimes you even see an endangered bird flying around
How did this happen
I’m really not sure I haven’t read the plan
Looking to discover it as I’m looking out
Spirituality speaking this is the best place to discover yourself so look out

She never saw it coming the way she thinks she feels on the inside; at times, she feels scared of the way she feels on the outside, being hurt too many times by the words I love you; at times, they did not mean anything.

Starting over, she said; why you ask? Life had other plans for her, like falling out of love. So she can find true love. What’s that well when you find it, I will tell her. Until then, I asked her whether we could still be friends because we had fallen out of love again.

Her soul took flight again; why you ask? Falling out of love again is hard when you keep falling in love again with friends. So what to do? It’s like this don’t do that again.

Fight for her love, fight for her love, like your Peregrine Falcon flying through life looking for love with the fight of a hurricane, always doing battle for her love.

There are dreams with golden colors, they say, like Falcons flying on a golden day, always thinking of you. So with a flight pattern of dreams looking for you, so what to do but keep dreaming of you.

I know what are you thinking? How about that plant looks pretty pointy, then theirs the Falcon looking at you. So beautiful that Falcon that’s looking at you. So remember, keep your thoughts positive oh yea, I love you.

Yes, I know I’m embarrassed too; maybe they should teach manners at school; for now, he looks like a fool going around telling other bird photographers what to do. So let’s be patient in the hope he learns he does not know everything because I don’t know everything; what about you?

Her passion for me bends my mind like, what the heck am I looking at? Is it love? That’s what I’m feeling but is it love? Someone tell me what am I looking at? Or just believe it’s love? Or just go with my feelings and believe it’s love, or is there more to love?

I ride her low; then, at times, she likes to go high, if you know what I mean. At times I think I hear a scream. So I go slow, keeping the speed nice steady and slow, if you know what I mean? Why, you ask? Because we’re in love.

She said oh, why you got to go? Oh, I know we got to the finish line together, you know. Oh, so next time, let’s make love when you have the day off because I want to go for another spin; oh, because your spark for me is undeniable.

Oh, she said can we go for another spin? You know it’s the ride, if you know what I mean? At times it’s a bit bumpy, then you smooth us out with the way you go slow. So again, can we go for another spin? Why? I’m in the mood to wear you out!

When I say I love you, I mean it. Why, you ask? You know that old saying, love thy neighbor? I took it literally, so what to do is love everyone from the beginning, strangers to.

You are as beautiful as those blue eyes staring at me, you see. When I look at you, what do I see? It’s more than beauty; it’s your personality, then it’s how you run to me screaming, daddy. So much love between you and me because you mean everything to me, sweetie.

She said put yourself in my shoes, honey. Living a life of fantasies making love with my man until will close down the universe with an understanding making love with you is oh so good living such a fantasy, you and me.

I never saw her coming; she is so bold in how she looks at me. With those eyes, at times, they seem ‘ cold as ice until she undresses me with those eyes, then she is on fire, telling me to ignite her fire with my burning desires to pleasure in the most desirable ways. How you say? By listening closely to her, knowing she’s the love of my life. Plus, I love playing dress-up.

Fanciful mind I have unrestrained all the time. Thinking of things to say to my wife. Like babe, I love the way you talk to me, lifting my soul up like I’m floating through the universe in love with writing about love. So I just wanted you to know when you get home, I will show you a fanciful way to make love; until then, hugs and a couple of in love emojis.

Walking alone on the beach, I find my mind slows down, so I take time to remember what my wife said. Before coming home from a stressful day, it’s best to walk the stress away.

I went for a walk along a beach; what did I see? A way to show your grateful for the life down by the sea. It’s called picking up the trash.

Floating down a river, I discovered freedom like no other when you are free to do whatever until you find out a tree is coming right at me. So remember, danger may lurk around the corner. So be prepared for the unexpected.

Show me what you got because my negative thoughts are going away. Those ridiculous thoughts are rolling around in my head again. But it’s okay because I sit still and feel those negative thoughts going away. Why, you say? I’m telling them to go away every day.

I believe birds come from heaven in the way they make us feel. I see birds all the time, knowing they came from heaven. So when you have a lousy day, find some birds they will take to heaven when you watch them fly.

At times Eazy-E is looking at me. Why do you say, growing up, it was all about Snoop Doggy and Eazy-E singing to me? Why ask their poets telling us our stories.

Looking up at life is a wonderful way to have a great day. Life will find a way to have you looking down in some way, so find that person with a spirit who can lift you up.

Couple’s cooperation is crucial to you and me, you see. Two souls are becoming one in love hoping to have a lovely destiny; that’s why it’s essential to cooperate because you love each other. Look at these birds collaborating to bring food to their babies.

The sun comes out daily, why you ask? Well, if not, there’s no you and me; we need the sun to fill the universe with life in the hope that the sun will power everything freely, healing the planet one day. So remember, that’s what Elon is doing, so let’s all thank him.

Silouhette dreams are essential to me; why you ask? Couple cooperation is critical for having a lovely destiny. So remember, take the time to listen it helps with being understood. The most important thing is to cooperate, that’s it.