Let me tell you about a young boy you see, his love fantasies all coming true—passion ruining through his veins—thoughts of her running through his head. Pleasing her soul are the things he likes to say. Longing for a moment alone to hear about her day.

I write to you about love you see, pleasing my desire to lift your spirits so you will be set free to find the love you desire. Making your soul feel complete in the journey we call being in love.

I’m so in love with you knowing holden your hand is my honor, you see. Connecting to your soul in the most beautiful time of the year leaves blooming hearts pounding minds thinking about love all the time.

Running out of time, many thoughts on my mind, your thoughts screaming through my mind, desires of the most desirable kind, I love pleasing my wife’s mind.

Days go by with a whisper of lovely things floating by me like butterflies dreaming of flowers that smell sweet. Waiting to see if a bee shows up and bugs me.

Just hanging out down by the lake, writing some poems chilling with a baby deer in the grass.

She’s felt all through my soul, hearts bond by true love, I’m in love you see, a real fantasy coming true, the love I’ve seeked all thru the universe she found me standing there asking for a helping hand on the side of the street.

Peace I find through clearing out my mind knowing it’s better to be present than suffer for a past tragedy.

Life is lovely, sun coming up as you can see, time running chasing our dreams of traveling long days feeling the dirt under our feet wind blowing through some tall trees my wife whispering beautiful things to me!

Past loves come and go, you see. I thought I would have one love that I met down by the sea. It did not work out that way. Why, you see? She was lost at sea when she met another sailor that was not me.

Time alone staring at a bird, thinking, wow, how lucky I am to have found her thoughts always on my brain. My wife is exceptional, you see, she loves me unconditionally, always thinking first about me, so I put her first in everything I do every day.

I see the sea in a meaningful way; you say she saw me down by the sea, grabbed my hand said, make love to me; we want a baby.

I find time to take my wife away from her work life, you see, you know why? Spending quality time alone with your wife tells her how much her love and time are precious to you.

I write a lot about my wife; you see, she’s my perfect fantasy. She listens to me; I listen to her the way she listens to me. We find common ground, so our lives are joyful, like birds floating in a colorful sky down by the sea.

I write poems, you see; sometimes I write about Taylor Swift; I’m a fan of her music. To me, it’s like watching a flower and bee in perfect harmony.

Their fiction is in her dreams at times when she’s holding his hand. Not knowing what life will bring screaming fantasies, the best kind of things a woman could dream.

We all have dreams, you see; let the shine in you be the light for someone else’s dream, knowing being unselfish is a way to live a magical life fulfilling your own dreams.

I sometimes have thoughts I want to say but struggle to write them down, so I store them in my mind for another day.

Love but an emotion designed by time we all long for the moment when two hearts become intertwined our souls burning desires met at the same time.

She looks to me with a dream from the sea, knowing my love for her is unconditional. Nothing in life will stop her from reaching her life fantasies because I will support her in her chase for her dreams, you see.

My life is a dream setting around thinking of sweet things to say. Knowing my wife will read them someday. Saying I found my soul mate.

Falling through life finding trees knowing my name even though I’m from the land of the lost seeking freedom from the smoke it can’t escape you see fleeing long trails of smoke and it’s our only planet that I can see what to do you say well let me think maybe we should just work together and come up with a plan you think?

Flying by in a colorful sky, you say, well, I wonder why when smoke is pouring out all over the place.

I see you there twisting your neck, thinking, what are you doing lying there like a stranger in the dark camo-colored green and brown with a big eye staring into the air looking at me.

My first love was devasting to me, you see, my best friend walked up to me and said I’m going to steal her to be with me. Now see what I was supposed to do? No way your best friend would do that to you!

I love my wife, you see, she puts me ahead of her, and I put her ahead of me; that way, our love will last through eternity.

She stands firm, you see, making her dreams a reality. Knowing she’s not alone, she loves very much for the passionate way she lives her life, taking down anything in her way, living her destiny.

I saw my future wife once one day in 2008; you know, she was married at the time, you see. Eight years later, she and her husband camped next to me, and that’s when her husband called me husband number two. He was gone a year later, and yep she married me too.

Her soul floats through life. Always listening, never judging a strong shoulder to cry on a hand to hold eyes that see the true me loving the soul as we float through life in love with our destiny.

She struggles with her feelings at times. Her lover’s soul burning through time, not knowing when her lover will bend time to make her feel ok.

Life can be a struggle at times, knowing things don’t always go our way. So babe, know this I got your back even when you’re mad at me because I screwed up, you see. I will always love you until the end of time, honey.

The passion I have for my wife, you see, imagine the clouds looking like they’re on fire going in all directions blowing in the wind. Making you feel loved and wonderful.

Making your soul feel like it’s on fire, bouncing with joy, knowing what an amazing wife I have, and she’s all mine.

I fell in love one day when I went on a drive to the sea. I drove down to the beach, turned around, and this woman looked up at me and said Excuse me, but my soul said to wait here, and my future husband would show up and help me. I’m stuck, see.

Her emotions are complicated; you see, being a woman is remarkable knowing my love life starts with me. So I will pick a lover who will respect me, be kind to me, and most importantly, my lover will be the most important person to me.

This is my aunt, you see, she spent 16 years with me. We traveled the country for 10 of those 16. Living in a fantasy in a dream with flowers all around to see.

I spend a lot of time with flowers; to me, flowers are a perfect description of life; to be a flower you see means a life of beauty and making people smile and dream the most beautiful fantasies.

I fell in love with her by the way she smiled and said, you, the man I dream about lying at night with young girl fantasies. Getting married and having a family. So take my hand and make me the one you will spend the most loving and caring time with.

Love is fantasy to me, looking out in the world to find love in a world full of undesirable realities. So I remember something you told me. Honey, remember your the most precious person to me, so when you look for love. Find it in a place where your his priority and treat you with respect, and kindness because the ultimate thing in life is the honor to be in love with you.

A dream you see is my ultimate fantasy living a life of adventure with my wife staring at flowers whispering sweet things to me.

I am creating a life for you and me, long nights working writing poems about the love I have for you and me, a sensual fantasy of being in love with a woman who is everything I have ever dreamed about that’s you and me, babyyyyy!

I rise to find a woman on my mind. My wife, you see, is my ultimate fantasy. She’s good to me, I’m good to her, she listens to me, I listen to her. We make a wonderful team, her and me.

Let there be joy in your day with a thought of a beautiful bird sunning in the early morning day. Knowing with joy in your heart, you will have a wonderful day.

With a whisper in the wind, I fly in to see if my sweetheart has time for me. As she is important to me. I see she’s busy making us a lot of money, so I will fly away to the nest to prepare her a nice place to rest.

I walk alone to be alone with you spending time getting to know you. Learning to be positive in thought will make me be in a better place with you.

Nighttime brings the new day you see, the sun rising to light the sky so we can see, bringing joy to all.

Nature, we get to see all around you and me. Where lucky you and me traveling around to discover a true reality, one with love and kindness and joy having you staring at me.

I’m flying high, you see, spending time with my animal friends their good to me, always flying by. What a wonderful way to spend your day, my friend.

The chance to spend time with you is beautiful; you see, you’ve always been good to me; all of nature is so full of beauty find time to unwind and fall in love with the nature around you.

No poem, just a shot of a Coyote.

Hang on, little buddy, I’m late for my dinner date. My honey is waiting at the nest for me. So we’ve got to go we can’t be late she made a considerable effort setting up this dinner date.

Take away your bad days by watching the sunset from far away, knowing tomorrow is a new day with an opportunity to make it a great day.

We spend time with our kids; you see, they’re a future, you and me. We want them with us in nature, learning about all the beauty to see, knowing our love for them will last for eternity.

You see, we all need love, so she went looking under a tree, searching her soul for clues on her destiny. Thinking to be loved would be wonderful going through life and having a family.

I’m so in love, you see; being in nature is amazing to me. Since I was young, I had a fantasy that being in nature was my destiny. Well, here I am, living out my fantasies!

She stands 16 hands tall, strong and beautiful, with the color of hair you would see on the most beautiful sunset down by the sea and marked with signs she’s a warrior with a soul that has an incredible destiny.

Love starts early for me, you see, waking to make coffee for my wifey. Then, I rub her feet; you know it puts a smile on me. Love is about showering your wife with attention and affection; at least, that’s what it means to me.

I walk with her, talk with her, and listen to her because I want her to understand this is what I want for her. Someone who will love her knowing her father has a careful eye on her, protecting her. Why she is my only daughter and means everything to me, and I love her.

Her life is complicated, you see; she has a lot of responsibility living a life of running a family, spending time with her husband, everything else in between. So what does he do he makes time for just the two of you.

She’s my daughter, you see; I take her to watch the sunset down by the sea with me. Why, well, let’s see, she’s amazing to me, so beautiful, intelligent she’s means everything to me.

I fell in love with you the minute I laid eyes on you; you see sitting there so regal looking, thinking about flying through life with a desire to find love in a tree.

I sit still as a bird, at times quieting my mind, for you can discover a divine mind in a moment of silence with enough time.

We’re chasing our dreams, you see; they may seem far away, but that’s ok; she told me one day you will carry me away to live in our fantasy, you and me.

We found love under a tree, you and me finding a destiny of not an everyday love so true knowing we have never touched so intimately it can only be so true the love I have for you.

I have love in my heart when I see you, my friend; the way you make me smile is the ultimate way I’m in love with you.

All night I lie under this tree waiting for my destiny to be revealed to me, dreams coming and going floating all around me while my lover makes love to me; what an extraordinary destiny you and me.

Floating through my mind are thoughts of the most beautiful kind you see; her name was Hailey; to me, she was a perfect fantasy so amazing to me her intelligence was only part of her beauty.

Life has paths for me; figuring out what’s best for me is the best journey knowing my life will be filled with undiscovered paths hoping to discover an adventure of the most beautiful journey.

Screaming through life, what journey you and me bringing life into our fantasy screaming all the time what a wonderful blessing we have called a baby.

She walks alone at times, having positive conversations in her mind. Telling herself, no matter what, life is a long journey, so be kind to yourself; an extraordinary life is a step away.

I set under trees, you see, writing my wife poetry. She found me camped next to a tree, and her first husband said would you marry her after me? Cancer took him; he was my good friend, and we both shed tears for him and miss him.

Trees in the wind talking about a friend loving the time lying under a tree feeling our minds with thoughts of the best kind.

I live in the clouds, you see; my wife is amazing to me, spending time listening to me, always finding time to make me feel loved and manly.

I have silhouette dreams, you see; my wife blinds me with her passion for me, always finding a way to make me a man feel the way I should love till the end of time.

The beauty I see in you is amazing to me, spending all that time getting pretty; you know, you say just for me I have to say I’m lucky to be with you.

At times, her love blinds me, making my eyes blur with time, feeling my mind with the most beautiful thoughts of the best kind.

Emotions you see aren’t accessible; they have value to many, including me, so let’s be nice to each other because I believe being kind gets the best emotion from everybody making us all happy.

A tree is a friend to me, showing me her beauty and strength with a passionate thought of it growing into a place for me to rest and let my mind wander free.

She’s so extraordinary to me, her mind, her beauty; she has wholly encapsulated me with love so passionate I feel her passion burning through our minds, ultimately making us fall in love, you see.

Silhouette dreams I have; you see, they come to me in dreams when I’m awake staring at the trees, hoping she finds me longing for a lover who completes my ultimate dream of being in love; that’s what I see.

Music covers my soul with a reflection of love with sounds bouncing through my head, feeling my heart with a passion for my wife; she’s the one singing songs of love reverberating all around my head.

She’s fierce, you see; it’s not just her beauty creating the dream; it’s her soul fighting its way through life, knowing she has the most intelligent mind.

Your purple hips sway my mind, you see, oh so sweet and sexy to me, making my heart go vroom vroom, knowing our love is a destination of destiny.

I spend time with you, my friend; you implode my mind with thoughts of the most colorful kind knowing your heart and soul are connected to mine.

My heart had no desire to beat! I felt as if I was breathing a toxic fume instead of oxygen. My stomach hurt like water was a Botulinum toxin! My heart was wilting away like a rose in winter. Then you should up!

This is a Falcon I call Barry; he visits me and the mansion you see, protecting it from those darn things my wife calls little mouseseeeees.

Babe, I love our life, you see, living it fast and free like butterflies making love out in the open air knowing their destiny will only last for a second in time until their love floats another butterfly through life.

What I see is an incredible destiny you and me floating through life with so many beautiful thoughts of creating a journey of time that’s full of the most imagery kind.

I feel the storm in you; the pressure is under you, knowing life has storms brewing in you, leaving a mark on you, so be strong, believing it will be a clear day with a full moon on the very next day.

Love, I saw when I discovered a flower that was given to me. She said, hold this, please be so kind in time she was mine to love till the end of time.

She found a bit of history about me; she saw a love so true it blinded my mind until I discovered her passion was not true. So I erased that old history leaving enough of my mind to fill it with only you.

I’ve been writing every day for months decided to go out for a couple of days for some video and photo work. I need it for my YouTube videos.

Bonded by love, I see always taking time to please her mind finding time to listen to her bringing us closer like butterflies in love stuck together in matrimony.

Was our love ever real, you see? You told me it was real to find myself lost when you left me hanging on the hope that you truly loved me. So what do I need to do to still be in love with you?

The mind of a bird is my friend, you see, looking at flowers all day life is beautiful floating through space knowing life is full of pleasures of all kinds. Hoping one day you will land next to me.

I screamed out for you knowing I made a mistake that was not actually being alone on the moon to be in the sea of love with you bringing our love to a complete tragedy.

She’s finding her life entirely in deference to other kinds of life; you see she’s becoming everything she desires, a life of freedom knowing she can be alone if so to be true bounding through life heading to her kind of heaven.

What can I say? I’m getting married today; what you say that’s right, magical love moment is hours away with mind and heart-pounding the most pleasurable things are coming our way.

She rides through life, standing firm and strong with thoughts of a life of the most incredible kind with another like-minded heart with an equine soul running through life with her flowing through the wind sprinting to life’s final end.

She knows she’s in love, you see, walking alone, thoughts of her lover in her mind telling her she’s his perfect fantasy, strong, so intelligent he hopes she walks his way says hello I’m alone would you like to walk this way.

A soul fly’s through life like a Bald Eagle flying by me with the hope another soul comes across me, pleasing our souls bonding our love with a fantastic destiny.

I watch the sunset with my wife, you see. It pleases me to have my wife with me; she’s amazing to me, always being kind and loving to me. What a fantastic destiny you and me.

It’s worth the time to take the time to quiet the mind you see; life with a loud mind creates a troubled destiny.

I extend my wing to you to help you love you and be connected to you with the sense that I will always love you be with you till the end of time in love with you.

Love but a thought in time landing me on a spiritual journey flying through life looking for a passion of mine passing by felling my soul with love of the most beautiful kind.

To try and fail is to succeed because to not succeed, all you have to do is not try, so by trying, you are already a success. Therefore, you must have both to succeed, so you got this.

I see you staring down that tree, hoping to discover a secret of the most beautiful kind, one that will keep you alive for another moment in time to do the same thing staring down into another tree.

Again she found herself writing under a tree, you see; that’s where she writes down her thoughts and dreams of love with someone who will honor her, love her spend time with her, and most of all grow with her.

I’ve discovered many things lying under a tree with a pencil and a piece of paper you see. Writing down my thoughts and dreams, she walked up and asked what are writing about? I said my future wife, who I will love for the rest of eternity.

What does a bird see but all the beauty in life you see. What a charmed life being a bird flying free imagine what an extraordinary destiny to be a bird singing in a tree.

Jocquette is a warrior you see so beautiful and strong shes amazing to me, living an incredible life-changing the world’s destiny with her love and harmonies.

What is love, you say? I’m not sure what to say, only that love the one you have because the other knows no other love, the one love that was never discovered would be a crying shame.

Strangers in the night fell apart when they discovered they were friends knew there was no love between them; in the end, they would just be friends.