Adding Fineartamerica to Shopify.

10 Easy steps to add your Fineartamerica account to Shopify.

1. Go to the Shopify app store and find the Pixels app and install it, it’s that easy.

2. Go to your Shopify dashboard, click on apps, and then on the pixels app under your list of installed apps.

3. Then sign in through your existing account.

4. Next on your getting started page, you can choose either create a new product or if you want to upload an original image not already in your account or manage existing products if you want to access products or pictures already in your account.

5. Go and click on any of your images and then click the edit available products and prices button.

6. This is the page where you must fill in all of the markups for your products that you want to be able to add to your Shopify store. So even if you’re not planning necessarily to add them all, you enter mark up amounts for all of the products we show solo appear for you and the next step.

7. Make sure you save your mark up by clicking the blue submit ariel at the top or bottom of the above page. Once you do are at will send you back to a page where you will see all of the resulting product options.

8. You can either add all of the product options or click the add button for any of them individually. Then when they’ve been added, it will show and store.

9. Just below in-store next to each product click link. Once you click on that link, it will take you to a page where you can make any changes you want, but don’t make any changes to our SKU information. This is the page where we generate all of the merch images and copy for you, so you don’t have to.

10. And watch you have saved the above page; if you made any changes, you could use the view link to go see the resulting customer-facing cells page on your Shopify site.

It’s that easy!!

Michael Vance Pemberton

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