New Girl on the Block Chain.

New Girl on the Blockchain is one of the Twitter spaces I have come across that helps me learn about the Blockchain. CoCo covers a variety of topics on the Blockchain in her space. Her space is on Twitter Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-11 am pst.

She has hosts like Mido from Girls Riding Things and many others on the space, which adds so much value to learn from so many talented women in the NFT space. The wealth of knowledge these women share is so extraordinary. I hope people spread the word about all the amazing women leading NFT projects that are out there.

CoCo and the other speakers always bring a lot of positive energy and a wealth of knowledge and break it down in ways for everyone to understand.

I appreciate that everyone listens to everyone giving them a chance for their voice to be heard. That’s very important to lift others up that don’t have the opportunities others might have.

The artwork is beautiful in many ways. Metamagical beings are one of the projects on Opensea. It’s a collection of Web3 beings who bring magic to the Metaverse.

The second collection is called Stardust Society 77 1/1 pops for dreamers. Drops happen every weekend.

The third collection is called Intuitives. First, collectors will receive a physical original of their NFT integrated with augmented reality. Each NFT starts as a painting. After the image is finished, she digitizes it and animates each piece.

She’s also on Foundation. CoCo is an excellent choice if you’re looking to collect NFT’s. Her artwork is lovely, and I see a great future in her Spaces as they keep growing.

By Michael Vance Pemberton

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