I meet Pola and Lamonte, the founders of NeoSutras, at NFT San Diego, Ca. My reason for going to the event was to learn and connecting with like-minded people. I looked around immediately; I was drawn to NeoSutras booth.

I walked by; they were talking to some people. I almost walked off to come back, but I felt I needed to stay. The other people left. I got a chance to sit down with them. I had a fantastic conversation with both of them.

I felt love and kindness immediately. Their website states, “We are here to spark the energy, connection, and intimacy within individuals, partners, and communities through healthy physical practices of vitality.

The conversation I had with them was so meaningful that when I came home, I told my wife that I needed to make some changes. I will need her help because after talking to Pola, I realized my wife said to me that we should stop eating certain things. After all, it benefits us a lot.

I felt so much love from them; it was beautiful to be a part of the love that day. I wish more people would be loving and tell each other that they love them as Lamonte and I told each other that we loved each other from the get-go because we loved each other and felt it immediately.

Are you looking for an NFT project about art love and doing something for you or your relationship? This is it. Check their website.

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