3D African Masks Collection on Opensea.

This collection of 3D African masks not only is the art impressive but sharing the cultural heritage is what means the most to me.

The artist explains on their Opensea page that the Orignal African mask were taken from the continent are now in the homes of private collectors and museums. So, unfortunately, the descendants of the mask markers don’t have the privilege of seeing what their ancestors carved.

I have seen several African masks in museums in Washington D.C. Not only are they pleasing to look at, but they have a purpose for them.

Some of my favorites I got to see were Songye masks. As of writing, the collection it has 397 items. In addition, the artist gives 50% of the proceeds that will be contributed to setting up an innovation hub in Ghana.

The innovation hub is the main reason I love this NFT project. The hub will be used for young creatives who are the descendants of these mask markers will come to, to learn and develop their ideas.

The artist will receive training material to develop their talents and improve their creative abilities. So check out this collection on Opensea.

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