Michael Vance Pemberton Poetry October 2023.

In the realm of literature, poetry stands as a powerful medium through which artists can navigate the depths of human emotions, experiences, and the complexities of existence. Among the many contemporary poets who have captivated readers with their lyrical prowess and evocative storytelling, Michael Vance Pemberton emerges as a distinct voice, weaving words into tapestries of thought and emotion. With an uncanny ability to capture the essence of life’s intricate moments and transform them into verse, Pemberton’s poetry invites us on a journey of introspection and reflection. This article delves into the poetic world of Michael Vance Pemberton, exploring the themes, styles, and literary prowess that make his work a compelling testament to the enduring power of the written word. From the haunting beauty of his verses to the profound insights hidden within, we embark on a literary voyage to unravel the artistry and depth of this modern-day poet.

In the depths of a bottle, a man was adrift,
His mind drowned in sorrow, his soul trapped in a rift.
A sea of spirits, his refuge from pain,
But it only brought darkness, like an endless rain.

Lost in the haze of his own despair,
He sought solace in the numbness of despair.
The world passed him by, as he sailed in a daze,
A sailor of sadness, lost in a boozy maze.

But one fateful night, a whisper from the past,
A voice long forgotten, a love that would last.
It called to him softly, from memories deep,
A promise of hope, a secret to keep.

“You are loved,” it said, “beyond measure and more,
In your heart, there’s a place worth living for.
Release the bottle, let go of the pain,
Embrace the sunrise, and break free from the chain.”

Tears welled in his eyes, like a river they flowed,
As he remembered the love he’d once known and showed.
He realized the darkness he’d chosen to chase,
Was masking the light of his true self’s embrace.

With trembling hands, he set the bottle aside,
Fueled by the love from his past, he’d no longer hide.
He’d face his demons, his fears, and his strife,
And step into a sober, renewed, and brighter life.

For the whisper from the past, a beacon of grace,
Had shown him the path to a sober embrace.
No longer adrift in that boozy sea,
He’d sail towards sobriety, forever set free.

In the heart of Broadway’s bustling street,
A Chicano photographer, his vision complete,
He strides with purpose, commanding the stage,
In every shot, he pens his life’s vibrant page.

Through the lens, he captures dreams unbound,
In the faces of the city, in each soul he’s found,
With every click, he paints a vivid tale,
Of love, resilience, and stories to unveil.

His camera’s eye, a magic wand in hand,
Transforms the ordinary into something grand,
In the midst of the city’s ceaseless flow,
He finds his solace, a place to let dreams grow.

With every snap, he freezes moments in time,
A symphony of emotions, a rhythm and rhyme,
The people adore him, for he brings to light,
The beauty of their lives, in day and night.

He’s a man of the people, their hearts he’s won,
With the click of a shutter, their stories spun,
Through laughter, through tears, in joy and in strife,
He captures the essence, the soul of their life.

He’s a Chicano photographer, an artist so bold,
His passion for life, a story to be told,
On Broadway’s stage, he dances with grace,
Creating his art in this vibrant, bustling place.

With dreams abound and love in his heart,
He makes his way through life’s intricate art,
A Chicano photographer, a legend in his own right,
Guided by the love of the people’s light.

In the realm where love’s sweet shackles bind,
A woman, radiant, in beauty she’s enshrined,
Her gaze, a siren’s call, my heart’s desire,
Golden eagles in her presence, they aspire.

She’s the captor of my soul, the arresting grace,
In her eyes, I find my sacred hiding place,
Handcuffed to her spirit, I am willingly confined,
In the chambers of her love, my heart’s entwined.

Her beauty, a beacon, like the morning’s first light,
Guiding me through darkness, dispelling every night,
I’m imprisoned willingly, in the depths of her soul,
A captive of her love, and she’s taken full control.

With every passing moment, our love does grow,
Golden eagles soar above, in the sky they flow,
For her love’s a treasure, a priceless, endless hold,
In her embrace, I’m captured, and my heart unfolds.

So let the world go by, with its tempestuous flow,
In her arms, I’m imprisoned, where love’s breezes blow,
Locked up in her gaze, in her beauty, I’m set free,
For this love is my prison, my sweet captivity.

In lands where passion’s flames ignite,
There walks a woman, fierce and bright,
With knowledge deep, her heart agleam,
Her love a powerful, radiant dream.

She knows the secrets of the night,
The whispers of the stars in flight,
Her wisdom like a river flows,
In every step, her power shows.

A Latin queen with feathers crowned,
Her destiny by love is bound,
Her heart, a treasure chest of grace,
Her presence lights up every place.

With strength and grace, she leads the way,
A beacon in both night and day,
For love that’s true, she stands the test,
A queen, a lover, she’s the best.

Her love is like a sacred art,
A masterpiece, a work of heart,
With every breath, she conquers all,
In her embrace, we stand enthralled.

So let us honor, and let us praise,
The woman who knows love’s sweet ways,
With feathers guiding her high above,
A Latin queen, a powerful love.

In the heart of the night, ‘neath the Halloween moon,
Stood a Chicano beauty, like a rose in full bloom,
Dressed as a playboy bunny, alluring and free,
But weary of photographers, aching to break free.

Her dress was a vision, a shimmering delight,
In the soft, sultry glow of the Halloween night,
With ears perched so charming, and a tail in the breeze,
She embodied allure, with a touch of unease.

Cameras flashed around her, like a frenzy of stars,
As they jostled and clamored to capture her far,
Each lens aimed to frame her, to possess her sweet grace,
But she longed for her solitude, in this crowded, loud place.

With a sigh in her eyes, and a flick of her wrist,
She silenced the chaos that refused to desist,
“Enough!” she declared, with a resolute air,
“I’m more than a photo, a moment to share.”

Her voice cut through the chaos, like a melody clear,
And for a moment, the world seemed to halt in its cheer,
She stood there, defiant, a symbol of grace,
A Chicano woman who’d found her own space.

In that instant, the photographers knew what was true,
That beauty’s not just a picture, but a soul that shines through,
So they lowered their cameras, with respect in their eyes,
And admired the Chicano bunny, under the moonlit skies.

For beyond the costume, the glamour, the glare,
Lies a woman of substance, with a spirit so rare,
A Chicano queen, strong and fiercely her own,
In a world that can’t capture all she’s ever known.

In the shadows of life, they stood concealed,
A hooded figure, a mystery unrevealed.
Wrapped in darkness, they chose to hide,
From the world outside, they couldn’t confide.

Their hood, a barrier, a shield from the pain,
But it also kept them from sunshine and rain.
For within that shroud, they could not see,
The beauty of life, the way it could be.

But one fateful day, they took a chance,
To lift their hood, to glance at life’s dance.
With trembling hands, they uncovered their eyes,
To see a world filled with endless skies.

The colors of joy, the warmth of the sun,
The beauty of life had just begun.
No longer confined to the shadows of night,
They stepped into the world, into the light.

With courage and hope, they faced their fears,
Embracing the journey through laughter and tears.
They realized that to fix their life’s strife,
They had to uncover their heart like a car hood’s life.

With each passing day, they learned to believe,
In the power of change, in the strength to achieve.
No longer bound by the darkness they knew,
They painted their life with a vibrant hue.

So remember, dear friend, when life seems gray,
And you’re lost in the shadows, don’t stay that way.
Take off your hood, let your soul take flight,
And you’ll find a world filled with endless light.

In the depths of night, I lie in pain,
A wounded heart, a love in vain,
Seeking solace from the shadows’ strife,
I yearn for a beautiful nurse in life.

She’s the dawn’s embrace, the morning’s grace,
Running like sunlight in a tender chase,
With eyes that hold the promise of a new day,
To heal my wounds, to light my way.

In the labyrinth of sorrows, I am lost,
A ship adrift, a tempest-tossed,
But in her presence, I find sweet release,
A balm for my soul, a newfound peace.

Her touch, a gentle whisper in the dark,
A soothing melody, a healing spark,
With every smile, she mends my broken soul,
Her love, a medicine that makes me whole.

In the tapestry of life’s relentless strife,
She’s the nurse who tends to wounds so rife,
A beacon of hope, a guiding light,
Rescuing me from the depths of night.

With her, I’ll rise above the pain and sorrow,
To face a brighter, promising tomorrow,
For in her love, I’ve found my sanctuary,
A beautiful nurse, my heart’s true emissary.

In the world of moments, he takes his stand,
A man with his camera, lens in hand,
His eyes like shutters, quick to click and save,
Life’s fleeting scenes, memories to engrave.

His camera’s not a tail between his legs,
But a tool of art, where beauty often begs,
To be preserved in pixels, colors, and light,
Each snapshot a story, a vivid insight.

He wanders through life with a photographer’s eye,
Seeking the beauty that can’t be passed by,
From sunrise’s blush to the sunset’s embrace,
Capturing life’s essence with grace and with grace.

In candid expressions, emotions unveiled,
In landscapes and faces, his world is unveiled,
With each click, a tale unfolds to be told,
A story of life, in images bold.

He chases the shadows and dances with sun,
Documenting journeys, one by one,
For in every click, in every frame,
He finds his purpose, his passion aflame.

With a man and his camera, a partnership true,
Life’s moments preserved, to cherish and view,
Through his lens, we see the world through his heart,
A visual symphony, a work of art.

In her, a beauty bright as morning’s gleam,
Each day she shines, a radiant, splendid dream.
Her eyes, they dance, my soul they set on fire,
With longing deep, and passion to aspire.

Each gaze into those pools, so deep and wise,
Reveals a world where my heart softly lies.
Her beauty, like the sun, in every way,
Illuminates my life, with each new day.

Her presence, like a beacon, guides my way,
Through darkest nights, to where the stars display.
Desire ignites, a burning, fervent flame,
In her enchanting beauty, I find my aim.

Oh, how her grace and charm doth so inspire,
A love that’s boundless, like an endless choir.
With every heartbeat, I am hers to claim,
For in her beauty, I find my eternal flame.

In the chambers of my chest, a tale to tell,
Where beauty’s chains in love’s embrace did swell,
My heart, once free, now bound in love’s sweet snare,
A captive to her grace, beyond compare.

With eyes like stars that lit the midnight sky,
She came, and I, a willing captive, nigh,
Her presence, like a spell, did hold me fast,
In beauty’s grip, my heart arrested, at last.

Her smile, a key to unlock my soul’s desire,
Each glance, each word, set my heart afire,
In those moments, love’s handcuffs gently clicked,
A prisoner of her charms, my heart transfixed.

No jailer cruel, nor prison walls to see,
Yet in her beauty’s grace, I’m never free,
For in her gaze, my spirit finds its home,
My heart, in love’s sweet chains, forever roams.

Though bound in beauty’s cuffs, I do not pine,
For in this love, my heart finds its design,
Arrested by her beauty, I am free,
A willing captive to love’s sweet decree.

In the heart of Latin grace, she stands,
A vision of beauty from distant lands.
Her presence, a testament to strength and might,
A stunning woman, a radiant light.

Her beauty transcends the bounds of culture,
A symphony of allure, a timeless sculpture.
With eyes that gleam like stars at night,
She conquers the world with her inner might.

Her skin, kissed by the sun’s warm embrace,
Radiates warmth and a gentle grace.
Her hair, a river of ebony silk,
Flows like a waterfall, soft as milk.

She walks with power, head held high,
A warrior’s spirit in her soul, oh my!
Her voice, a melody, strong and clear,
In her presence, all troubles disappear.

In her laughter, there’s a vibrant song,
A melody of joy that’s sweet and strong.
Her heart, a fortress of love and care,
A stunning Latin woman, so rare.

She teaches the world that beauty and might,
Are intertwined, a harmonious sight.
With power and strength, she paves the way,
For all to see how beauty can sway.

In her, we find a lesson profound,
That true beauty in strength is found.
A Latin woman, a beacon so bright,
She shows the world how to shine with light.

Poetry is the way I find comfort with life.

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