A Journey from Darkness to Sobriety.

In the depths of a bottle, a man was adrift,
His mind drowned in sorrow, his soul trapped in a rift.
A sea of spirits, his refuge from pain,
But it only brought darkness, like an endless rain.

Lost in the haze of his own despair,
He sought solace in the numbness of despair.
The world passed him by, as he sailed in a daze,
A sailor of sadness, lost in a boozy maze.

But one fateful night, a whisper from the past,
A voice long forgotten, a love that would last.
It called to him softly, from memories deep,
A promise of hope, a secret to keep.

“You are loved,” it said, “beyond measure and more,
In your heart, there’s a place worth living for.
Release the bottle, let go of the pain,
Embrace the sunrise, and break free from the chain.”

Tears welled in his eyes, like a river they flowed,
As he remembered the love he’d once known and showed.
He realized the darkness he’d chosen to chase,
Was masking the light of his true self’s embrace.

With trembling hands, he set the bottle aside,
Fueled by the love from his past, he’d no longer hide.
He’d face his demons, his fears, and his strife,
And step into a sober, renewed, and brighter life.

For the whisper from the past, a beacon of grace,
Had shown him the path to a sober embrace.
No longer adrift in that boozy sea,
He’d sail towards sobriety, forever set free.

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