Artist Cruise Bogle.

I came across Cruise Bogle’s story while listening to him on a Twitter space hosted by @Chels_vibe. What an inspiring human being Cruise is. I’m lucky to hear his story and what he is trying to accomplish with his NFT project called “THE FIRST EVER PHYSICALLY MOUTH PAINTED GENERATIVE NFT PROJECT.”

Cruise’s attitude towards life was so inspiring it reminded me how lucky I am. The goal for his project is to be the first-ever art mouth painted generative project.

As stated on his website, his main goal is to utilize the community built with the Genesis Curious NFT to deploy a DAO built to support underrepresented artists by providing the support for the artist to succeed.

Cruise experienced a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down at the age of 19. Growing up, Cruise spent a lot of time on the sea with his parents sailing the Caribbean for most of his young life.

The project is one I think deserves a lot of attention; the artwork is impressive for someone starting out. In addition, it shows just how talented Cruise is. Check out his artwork on his website.

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