Chromatic Reverie Exploring the Unseen Spectrum.

In hues unseen, a world resides,
Where shadows dance in secret tides.
I see nothing, yet something gleams,
A realm of dreams in vibrant streams.

Color blinds my mind, a curtain drawn,
Yet within, a spectrum is spawned.
In the canvas of the unseen light,
Whispers of the rainbow take flight.

I journey through the grayscale mist,
Where perception’s twist and turns persist.
A kaleidoscope within my mind,
A symphony of shades, undefined.

Ethereal hues elude my gaze,
A silent palette in hidden maze.
The unseen beauty, a subtle glow,
Invisible colors, yet they grow.

In the canvas of my mind’s delight,
Monochrome dissolves in spectral light.
A symphony of the unseen, profound,
Where colors dance without a sound.

For in the absence of the obvious,
A world of wonder remains mysterious.
I see nothing, yet within my mind,
Something extraordinary I find.

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