App not working. Try these solution’s.

If you’re having problems with your App not working, I have discovered some solutions. I’m a user myself of Cronos, also known as I have had some issues since using it. However, I’m not too surprised as it’s a new technology. However, using the App is pretty straightforward.

The most common problem I have discovered is that nothing happens when you put in your pin. The screen never changes, so there’s no way to trade any Cryptos. Imagine you have one go hyperbolic you can’t trade it to take some profits. That’s not good.

So try the tips below for some help. 

Update your phone.

Updating your phone is the most important thing to keep your information safe and the App up and running. Unfortunately, I had some trouble after they did an update. Nothing else worked but updating my phone. 

So make sure to keep it updated. If you’re having problems with updating your phone, try something else. In most cases, updating does fix most issues. 

Your phone’s date and time are essential. 

If it’s not set correctly, it could be why the App is not working. Not sure why this is important, but it seems to be an issue with most Apps. 

Update your App.

This was the first thing I was told to do by Chronos, but it did not solve my problem, but it might solve yours if nothing else works. 

Restart your phone.

This one seems simple, and it is. However, I could not remember when I turned my phone off and back on. So try that one out. It fixed other issues I was having with other Apps. So I’m habitually turning it on and off once a week.

App Settings.

Try clearing your Apps cache. Most phones are the same when it comes to clearing cache. Go to your settings on your phone, find manage apps tap on the App icon from your list of Apps. Select clear cache. That’s all it takes; pretty simple.


If you still have problems, you might be locked out for trying to log in with the wrong passcode. So please give it a couple of hours before you try again. I hope these types help you solve your problems. Let’s keep the Crypto industry growing. 

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