Echoes of Trust A Love’s Promise.

In the quiet dusk of their cozy nest,
He turned to her with eyes so blessed,
“Hey babe,” he whispered, soft and true,
“I’ve found an investment, just for us two.”

“Trust,” he declared, with earnest gaze,
“It’ll bloom and grow in myriad ways.
Like a river flowing, steady and sure,
It’ll lead us to wealth, of this I’m sure.”

But she, with wisdom in her voice,
Spoke of love, a different choice.
“Love and money, they both require time,
Like vines that climb, they’ll reach their prime.”

“Don’t crack my heart like an egg, my dear,
Handle it with care, hold it near.
For trust is fragile, delicate as glass,
Don’t let it shatter, as moments pass.”

He paused, her words sinking deep,
In the silence, emotions steep.
For love and trust, intertwined they stand,
Guiding them through life’s shifting sand.

With a nod and a gentle touch,
He promised not to rush too much.
For in their bond, a treasure untold,
A love so pure, worth more than gold.

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