Eternal Captures A Photographer’s Ode.

In realms of light where moments freeze,
A lens that captures life with ease,
There walks a man, his soul’s delight,
In hues of dawn and shades of night.

With camera poised, his heart astir,
He frames the world through eyes that blur,
With wonder vast, he takes his stand,
In awe of beauty, crafted hand in hand.

Each click of shutter, a silent prayer,
To seize the essence, the soul laid bare,
In streets alive, in forests deep,
He finds his treasures, secrets to keep.

From cityscapes with gleaming spires,
To tranquil fields and roaring fires,
He dances with the light’s embrace,
In every corner, every space.

But ’tis the faces that enchant him so,
The laughter lines, the eyes aglow,
In every smile, a tale unfolds,
Of love and loss, of dreams untold.

He can’t believe his blessed fate,
To wander, ponder, and create,
To frame the world in every way,
A photographer in love each day.

For in his lens, he sees a truth,
A glimpse of grace, eternal youth,
And though the world may ebb and flow,
His photographs forever show,

The beauty found in every face,
In every moment, every place,
And so he snaps, with heart aglow,
A photographer, forever in the know.

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