Fine art car photography on Etsy.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Michael Vance Pemberton. I’m an artist and a member of the San Diego East County Chamber Of Commerce. I recently lost a good buddy Butch from cancer. He was my wrench buddy. After a couple of months, my wife said I needed to get out of the house. Her coworker told her about a car show at Moonlite beach. It was challenging to create something unique. So I gave it another shot.

At the following car show, one of the owners of the cars was tired of people taking photos of the vehicles, and the owners never saw the images of the cars. Would I put them online so people can see them? Of course, I told him I would. 

I use my art training to ad my personal touch to the images. I would also like to invite everyone to have their prints framed at an El Cajon, Ca business Silver Creek Fine Art & Custom Framing. Located at 120 East Main St El, Ca.

Click here to see the cars.

Click on image to see the cars.
Click on image to see the cars.

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