Going to jail with aunt Kathey!

I want to share one of my favorite stories from when I spent traveling with Kathey. We camped out in a forest in Arizona. When a vast forest fire started, these two women from the forest rangers’ office came to the campsite and told us we had to move to another location. An hour later, they showed up and told us to move again. They did this to us two more times!

I was very frustrated, and so was Kathey. While moving, Kathey, who I love dearly, a hoarder, and imagine living in a 28-foot trailer for ten years with someone who is a hoarder, LOL!

Anyway, when Kathey would get frustrated, she would get frantic. The fire was 25 miles away, so for now, there was no real danger, but on the final move, the macro lens was missing and cost over $3000. ! I’m fricken out, so is Kathey.

Before the last move, Kathey was photographing flowers. When we agreed to travel, I told Kathey that I would take care of everything. She did not have to clean, cook laundry. I wanted my aunt to live happily and live the life of leisure for the rest of her life!

So I said we must have left it at the last spot. A different ranger came by and put up tape and said, don’t go back in this part of the forest it’s closed when we moved that last time.

I’m thinking to myself. I am not going to call the rangers station. They have more important things to do. We go back, and there is no lens! Yep, the ranger shows up. This is where I saw my aunt Kathey get mad! This is where the story gets really good!

I explain my reasoning for what we did; He said it was the right decision. He was young and handsome Kathey says if only I were 20 his cute, she tells him so!!

Well, the head of the rangers shows up, and he’s mad! Let me give you a little back story on this particular ranger. I would discover later news stories about this ranger because he says he hates all the snowbirds that come to the forest during the summer. Some people work and try and live in the woods because they have no choice. Anyway, he starts questioning who we are and what we are doing.

Kathey says my nephew is working his a bird photographer. He says that’s not a job! Kathey gets mad, gets in his face; people who know Kathey may be shocked I was not. I think I had a good influence on her to stand up for herself! What do you mean? That’s not a job! She says. Do you know how hard it is to take an excellent bird photo, not a snapshot but a work of art? I tried to influence Kathey positively as she did with me. That was the first time I saw her stand up for herself. It was awesome!

This goes on for 10 minutes, then he tells the young stud to search use, and put the cuffs on! Then the handsome stud, as Kathey likes to call him in her version of the story! He asked his boss to step away with him so they could talk.

The next thing we know, they start yelling at each other, and the young man punches his boss! Then Kathey runs other and gets in the middle! Says, what are you little boys act like grown men! LOL!

So after all of that, the next week, Kathey asked me what I think I should do because we were looking at a $2000.00 fine! I said I would call the ranger and apologize. Even though I thought the decision I made was right, sometimes it’s about doing the right thing, not being right if that makes any sense.

The conversation went well, and the fine went down to $150.00

I almost forgot to say where the lens was. My wonderful aunt put it in the freezer, LOL!!!


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