Illuminate the Journey A Quest for Light.

In shadows cast by the unknown’s guise,
We stumble, unsure beneath vast skies.
Life’s mysteries, they twist and turn,
Leaving us to question, to yearn.

Yet in the brevity of our fleeting time,
Trials in the sky dissolve, sublime.
For when the sun illuminates our path,
We find solace, dispelling the aftermath.

So be the light within your soul,
Let its radiance fiercely roll.
In each day, a chance to mend,
To make the world brighter, to transcend.

Though knowledge may elude our grasp,
Our essence, a flame that will last.
In the dance of existence, let us sway,
And make each moment a better day.

For life is short, its moments dear,
Let’s cherish them, dispel our fear.
Embrace the journey, come what may,
And shine bright, in our own special way.

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