Income School Review.

Incomeschool Project 24 Review.

Hi. I am Michael Vance Pemberton. I finally found a company that would ultimately teach me everything I needed to know to become a success online. Income School can show you everything you need to know, too. I dreaded going to work every day, not having control over my hours or my financial self-worth. I thought, do I really want to build a blog? What would I say? Why would anyone listen to me?

You may think, “wait, I can’t _______(fill in the blank),” and continue procrastinating just like I did for many years. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Do you want to work your own hours and replace or supplement your current income? Are you blogging now wishing anyone, more than family and friends, read what you have to say? Are you ready to take control of your future? You are in the right place, keep reading.

Income Schools Project 24 mission.

Income School’s mission is, ” We help people provide well for their families by creating online businesses.”

Income School’s Project 24 is a course created by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer. They teach you how to create a passive income website in 24 months. Is it worth the time and investment? That’s what kept bouncing around in my head. It is a great question to ask yourself. How do you spend your free time? I was not spending my free time creating a future I had control over. I was spending it in front of the TV, computer, or my phone, wanting only to get out of the situation I was in. You know what I am saying. If you are ready today to be in control of your future, click on the banner and check out Income School Project 24 for yourself.

I’ve been involved in sales and marketing on the internet since the early 90s, and I’ve come across all types of websites promising you the “get-rich-quick” dream. So many of these websites are nothing but a get-rich-quick scam for THEM! You know what I mean, you pay good money to sign up to get access to the knowledge. So you can become a big success online. You get access to their website, and it looks like a third-grader built it. Not that a third-grader today couldn’t make a fantastic website, but back in those days, you had to do a lot of your own programming. I still can’t do any of that. And the great thing is, I don’t have to!

I have spent 1000’s of hours online looking at YouTube, Googling a variety of websites, researching everything I can find. There were so many options out there. I was not ready to make the commitment to myself, and this allowed me to procrastinate even longer. I had not discovered the “perfect” teaching tool until now.

The research helped me clearly define what was needed to become a big success online. Now I knew what I wanted. I needed to find someone who could teach me about online marketing, blogging, and advertising. My research showed me I needed to learn all three things to become a big success online.

So when I found a lot of positive reviews and watched Income School’s free video training on YouTube. I got excited! I finally found the right people and company to teach me what I needed to know. Their process is straightforward and easy to understand. I liked the fact they were sharing the knowledge that had brought them a lot of success in the online business world.

Let’s take a look at some of the Income School’s own niche websites and the earnings they post on their site.


Status: Passive Niche Site

Earnings: On their website, they report they make a little over $8,000 per month in passive income. Most of their passive income comes from ads and being an Amazon affiliate. They do state that they have a slight drop of 20% during the winter months since it is a seasonal niche website.

Website Story: Ricky and Jim both worked on the niche website Jim stated on the website that when he bought an RV, he wanted to build a niche website about what he learned and earn more than he had spent on his RV. It states on the website (goal completed!). Jim wrote about 35 articles on the site and let it sit there for nearly a year, at about that time it was bringing in over a hundred thousand page views per month. This site now has retired full-time RVERS writing for it, which they hire to make the site even more prominent and skyrocket the traffic.


Status: This is a new passive income site. Jim says they haven’t yet finished building this one, but it has a little over 50 articles, and traffic is steadily growing and performing very well.

Earnings: They state it is making around $45 to $150 per month, but it’s on pace to do well and growing at a reasonable rate since it is still new.

Website Story: Ricky decided to create this website because he was always interested in off-the-grid cabins. His father had bought some land. Ricky was up there helping his dad build a cabin. The idea came to him to make a niche website about what he learned.


Status: Established Authority Site.

Earnings: Jim and Ricky stated this website has produced millions of dollars of income over several years and continues to bring them significantly more revenue.

Website Story: Jim started 8 years ago, it grew into a massive income site. He spent many years working on this website as a full-time job. In late 2017, Jim decided to turn into a passive website and stop actively working on it so he could focus on Jim now has a team of writers and a full-time manager to create new content for the Income School website.

Here are some of the main topics Income School covers:

  • How to select a profitable niche topic for your website.
  • How you can easily set up a WordPress website.
  • How to use SEO optimization for higher search engine ranking.
  • How to research keywords in great detail.
  • How to create great articles driving significant traffic to your niche website.
  • How to create well-written articles optimized for search engines.
  • How to optimize your online business for all social media platforms.
  • How to develop high resource pages.
  • How to record screencast videos.
  • How to create YouTube videos to drive massive traffic to your site.
  • How to generate revenue through your niche website.
  • How to set up an Amazon associates account on your website.

These are just a few of the topics they cover. The course goes into a lot of detail and is straightforward. They are always updating and adding to their strategies and topics to help you increase your revenue from your niche website. search and social media traffic continues to grow at an amazing rate using Income School’s tools.

Most people give in too soon. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To get similar results like the ones you see above, click here.

Here is a list of some of the things I think Income School does very well:

  • At the very beginning, I had a lot of questions and needed answers quickly. Income School’s community forum is always available and willing to help no matter what.
  • They are continually adding new courses and content to their training.
  • They do a great job with their training videos. They also have a podcast for members. It is incredibly helpful.
  • I also found when I’m watching their training videos, they are very excited and passionate about helping others to become a success online.
  • All of their course training is very easy to understand but also detailed.

The great thing about this business is you can make a great living from something you enjoy. Your blog can be about whatever you decide. Let’s say you love hiking, maybe cooking or gardening. Let’s say you’re passionate about helping people train their dogs. You can cover any topic you can come up with. So sign up now and change your path in life. Join Us at click here.


Jim and Ricky offer a great product at It helps teach others how to build a passive income website in 24 months. Income School’s step by step process is easy to understand. At first, I was a little skeptical, I wasn’t always the best student in school. I was worried about the writing process plus building the blog. But there are so many tools like Grammarly to help us. So don’t let that little negative voice in your head stop you. Sign up now and create the income you desire. Live the life you have always wanted!

To Your Success!

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