Jekein Lato-Unah

Jekein’s paintings are awe-inspiring the way she captures strength, love, and power in her paintings. Her paintings take at times up to two years to complete. She focuses on celebrating women from oppressed and marginalized groups.

She has such a unique style that makes my eyes travel all around looking at her art because their so much to see and feel when looking at Jekein’s art. Some of them look like a puzzle where all the places are perfectly fit in place.

Glamorous is one of my favorite paintings by Jekein with its color palette of purples; blues, browns, orange, the list goes on. The way she connects the colors to blend into this incredible image of a woman is impressive.

I like how she does not have a full face in her painting; it’s cropped at the top. The face structure is perfect; the lips, nose, everything is got something going on. I also like the splash of yellow here and there.

Pleasure trip is another favorite of mine. I stared at this NFT-painting for hours on Opensea. I love an artist who pays attention to detail like the bottom bricks are black and white. The woman’s position on the motorcycle is so realistic that it reminds me of a good friend of mine, Laura, a stunt motorcycle rider.

The sky gives it a nice calming effect to me, plus the shading in this painting reminds me of a person who has had a lot of challenges but makes way to find a path to success. The hours that had to go into this painting had to be thousands of hours spent with all the colors and detail that’s not done well overnight.

Laugh with me is another Nft-painting done by Jekein. She writes on Opensea, “that simply having a good time, is the theme in this piece. My aim is to connect with women who are uninterested in the suffering/strong woman narrative – who want to exist freely and happily, living their best lives.”

Laugh with me makes me feel like I’m in the Caribbean because the trees and the car remind me of images of Cuba. The outfit is so spot on. Plus, the purple car makes all the other colors come to life.

It’s another favorite of mine. If you’re looking to collect NFTs, check out Jekein’s artwork on Opensea.

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