Karma Rising an NFT project by Chels.

Karma Rising is an NFT project on Opensea by Chels. As stated on her Opensea page, Chels collection is inspired by the rising of consciousness and the karmic energy that positive communities are spreading. Each piece embodies feminine beauty, positive energy, peaceful vibes, and healing love.

She hopes you can find gratitude and beauty even from the little things in life. So continue to shine and spread your light because the world needs you.

I could not agree more with Chels. I love her artwork and her statement on her Opensea profile. We all need to have more of positive energy in our lives.

It carries over to others. If we all could practice being kind and loving, imagine the world we could live in? Chels is a true inspiration; her talent shows in her words and art.

Manifest Miracles is one of my favorites. I love the colors in her artwork; they bring such a peaceful sense, and there’s something about the eyes of the women she draws.

Lady of light eyes gives me such a sense of power warmth, and the colors feel like a soothing warm summer day.

So make sure to check out Chel’s collection Karma Rising.

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