My Keys to creating Black & White Images.

Why choose Black & White Photography?

What is it about Black & White photography that makes it so popular? For me, it brings a new way of looking at something. When all the colors of life go away, know more choices, just two ways of looking at something. It makes you focus on something that a color image can’t.

I’m not sure what it is about; removing more things in an image can bring more stuff out of it if that makes any sense. Maybe an image with lots of colors may distract the eyes when looking at it. I see more detail and unique lines when creating and looking at black & white photos. 

Two options for creating Black & White images.

Option one is to set your digital camera to shoot in monochrome; if you have that option, most DSLR cameras have this option. 

Option two is to shoot in color and then change it in photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. This is my preferred method when shooting to create black & white images. I like having the option of color plus black & white, plus I have never tried to shoot in monochrome, then try to make it a color image in Lightroom.

Maybe I will go out one day and try to do that and see if there is a big difference in shooting that way and write about my experience.

Compositions for Black & White Photos. 

At the beginning of my Black & White journey, I thought I would make the same choices as I did for my color images. But when it came to making beautiful black & white images, I found several things standing out.

Regarding shadows, they became more critical in my B&W photos as there was no color to distract the eyes. The lines that shadows made in my B&W images seemed to stand out more and draw the eyes to go where you want the viewer to go. 

My composition choices changed to focus on the shadows, and the leading lines they created became really important. Another option I made a lot more when shooting for B&W images is to face the sun and generate many silhouette images. 

Try many way’s to compose your B&W images. I was told early in my career to try many ways to do something to find the best way to create something.

What makes for great B&W images?

There are many things to consider, but the light is always the most important. So I tell people I don’t photograph people, nature, or cars; I photograph light. 

Besides that, remember that a lot of contrast helps, plus texture and shapes play a significant role in creating beautiful and memorable B&W images. 


Always have a plan when going out. For example, I look at the weather daily to plan when I am taking photos. Always take the time to walk around and find the best light to shoot in. When in doubt, be creative, lie on the ground and see what happens.

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