Love’s Mysteries Unveiled.

In fields of flowers, I wandered deep,
Seeking a love, a treasure to keep.
But fate had plans beyond my gaze,
In blossoms’ midst, a newfound maze.

What I sought, I thought I knew,
Yet destiny had a different view.
For love emerged, but not alone,
In petals’ dance, a truth was shown.

Beyond the blooms, beneath the sky,
I found more than love, I can’t deny.
A kinship vast, a bond profound,
In every petal, it was found.

For in that field, I glimpsed the truth,
That love is more than fleeting youth.
It’s in the laughter, in the breeze,
In every moment that gently flees.

So if you wander through flowers’ grace,
Consider what your heart may chase.
For in the seeking, in the quest,
You might find more than you’d have guessed.

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