Lowrider’s Journey – Riding on Dreams.

In a world of asphalt dreams, he rides,
Lowrider cruising, his spirit guides.
Up and down the boulevard, he flows,
Through the highs and lows, he knows.

Tires may flatten, roads may bend,
But his heart’s resolve will never end.
For he lives in the realm of positivity,
Spreading love, embracing unity.

With a hand raised high, he invites all in,
“Let’s ride together,” his soul sings.
Low and slow, through the night,
Finding the path to our delight.

In his journey, he finds the key,
To unlock the doors of destiny.
With each “I love you,” the world grows bright,
Guided by stars in the midnight.

So let us join him on this ride,
Where hope and dreams coincide.
In the lowrider’s rhythm, we’ll find our way,
To the place where dreams forever stay.

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