My Favorite Places To Photograph Birds In Arkansas.

One of my favorite places to photograph birds is in Charleston, Arkansas, its the Presson-Oglesby Prarie Preserve. The Presson-Oglesby Preserve is located in Charleston, Arkansas. The prairie grasses the wildflowers, and the variety of birds is impressive. The Gayfeather Flowers make for a great perch and background. You can photograph Coneflowers or Flowers like the Indian Paint Brush. The Presson-Oglesby Prairie has a great display of what the land looked like before all of the development. Most of it is farms are spread out far and wide. I love the diversity of birds and plants, and animals like the white-tailed deer watch out for rattlesnakes!

Red Winged Black Bird Photographed In The Presson Oglesby Preserve.

The prairie is connected to two other protected grasslands. H.E. Flanagan Prairie and Cherokee Prairie. Some of the birds you can photograph are the Painted Bunting, Common Yellow Throat, Northern Bobwhite, Dickcissel, Killdeer, Bell’s Vireo, Eastern Meadowlark, and many more.

Eastern Meadow Lark Photographed In The Cherokee Preserve.

Always be respectful of the prairies as there are only a few designated trails. I have only seen one other person out in the grasslands in the 10 years I have visited. Have fun and enjoy them as they are disappearing every day in this country, that’s why it’s essential to support the organizations that protect and care for these lands. Check out this link to Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission.

Painted Bunting Photographed In The Presson Oglesby Preserve.

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