My review of Girls Riding Things.

Girls Riding Things is one of my personal favorites on the Opensea platform. Not only is the artwork incredible, but they support women in many ways.

They offer 3,333 Ethereum NFTs costing 0.02 ETH each at the time of this posting. Each is a unique image randomly generated from over 300 possible traits—some riding Broncos, Bombs, Broomsticks are on the Ethereum blockchain.

The images are high-res 4800×4800 PNGs hosted decentrally on IPFS.

When I first discovered Girls Riding Things was on Twitter. I spent time reading their website and read about the support they give to an organization called Fistula Foundation.

The support Fistula Foundation is impressive. It’s an important issue that needs more attention I believe if you can support them it would help many women around the world. One of the many benefits of owning Girls Riding Things NFTs is that you will also be supporting women worldwide.

Another way I have been impressed is the support and positive energy on Twitter and in the NFT community is wonderful to experience. They believe, like me, that the blockchain is the future of a decentralized society where artists control their artwork in many ways.

Check out Girls Riding Things on Opensea.

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