Patience is needed!

Patience is something I have worked very hard on! I am working hard at capturing beautiful shots of birds. I know the light I am looking for, and when I see it, I get really excited. I saw what I was looking for when I came across this tree with what I think are either branches or roots growing out of the tree. I saw the background behind the tree was amazing.

The light was getting better and better! I stood there for over 6 hours, waiting for a bird to land. Finally, one did my heart started racing. Sweat was pouring down my face; the salt in my eyes was affecting my vision! I got impatient and did not focus on the bird’s eye; instead, I focus on the branch. The bird came out blurry! I was not happy, to say the least. I am not sure, but I thank many bad words came out of my mouth. My lovely girlfriend said Michael, don’t worry, something good will happen!

An hour later, a group of people walked up to us with a mask on, of course. There were three adults and 10 kids. The kids asked what I was doing? I told them I was there to photograph birds. I told them about the Western Grebes rushing on the water. I told them it’s their mating ritual. One of these kids says, what’s that? One of the other kids looks at one of the men in the group and says, dad, do you and mom have a mating ritual? One of the women started to laugh with the force of a race car flying by! I think it was his wife!

They asked to see an image. I show the group one of the Grebes’ photos rushing on my phone. The kids yell that’s cool! I said would you guys like to see my favorite image? I show them the picture of the Yellow-Rumped Warbler flying right at me. The kids and the three adults looked at it, and the kids yell wow, that’s amazing! One kid, probably six, yells, you must be a genius! My girlfriend starts laughing! We all start laughing. It was fantastic to share my passion with them!

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