Service Day for New Girl On The Block Chain.

CoCo from New Girl On The BlockChain Star Dust Society had a service day event during NFTLA. It was a huge success. She had collectors and volunteers that handed out care packets to the homeless in Venice, California, and what I loved the most was when we had one of the homeless a young women who voiced her concern about what they needed.

Coco and Chels from Karma Rising showed genuine compassion and love for her, and we all took the time to listen to her concerns; what CoCo had said before we left was to be kind, compassionate, and if they have something to say, listen.

NFT projects like this are what I have been so impressed with so many of the female-led projects. The business that can grow into a massive social movement that, yes, we can make money and a lot of it with hard work and dedication, but without showing compassion for the community of people we live with, what’s the point.

CoCo is someone who is making a difference in the world to make it a better place. So it’s leaders like CoCo, an incredible artist, but more importantly, she’s a beautiful human being. That will help all of us build a better world to live in.

Looking to support an NFT project, check out New Girl On The BlockChain Star Dust Society project on Opensea.

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