Unseen Stories of the Human Tapestry.

In a world of shadows, unaware they roam,
People traversing, their stories unknown.
Life’s struggles are universal, silent cries,
Yet some remain oblivious, under clear skies.

In the tapestry of existence, threads intertwine,
A mosaic of stories, both yours and mine.
Unseen battles fought, behind each smile,
In the vast expanse, life’s trials compile.

They walk on paths, unaware of the grace,
Blessings bestowed, their lives a sacred space.
Unseen struggles persist, beneath the surface,
A shared human journey, a complex circus.

Be kind, be patient, as the days unfold,
For each heart carries tales, untold.
In the quiet moments, let compassion ignite,
A flame of understanding, a guiding light.

The world spins on its axis, stories entwined,
Embrace the love you seek, in every kind.
In the vast tapestry, where destinies conspire,
Find solace in kindness, let empathy inspire.

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