Urban Rhapsody Three-Wheeling Through Life’s Fast Lane.

In the rhythm of the streets, where life unfolds,
Three-wheeling through the chaos, a story untold.
Fast game living, chasing dreams with zeal,
Hitting switches, not snitches, to stay alive and feel.

In the city’s heartbeat, where hustle never sleeps,
A dance with destiny, secrets that it keeps.
Rolling on three, a rebel’s ride,
Navigating the alleys where shadows hide.

Life’s a gamble, a high-stakes affair,
A constant pursuit, a daredevil’s lair.
Through the twists and turns, we ride,
In the fast lane of life, where passions collide.

No room for snitches, only trust and pride,
In this concrete jungle, where true warriors abide.
Three-wheeling it, a symbol of resilience,
Against the odds, embracing life’s brilliance.

Switches flipped, changing lanes with grace,
Adapting to challenges, a swift-paced chase.
For every curve, a lesson learned,
In the tapestry of struggles, bridges burned.

Living for real, not just surviving,
A mantra in the heart, constantly thriving.
In the fast game of life, a risky dive,
Three-wheeling through, embracing the drive.

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