What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a digital wallet that is used in the cryptocurrency space. It’s one of the most liked digital wallets that are available at the time of this post. In addition, MetaMask offers a mobile application and a browser extension. It also acts as a gateway that gets you access to blockchain applications. 

What can you do with MetaMask? 

MetaMask gives you access to the Ethereum blockchain’s extensive ecosystem of dApps giving you access to several decentralized exchanges. In addition, their gaming platforms and new applications are coming out all the time. So it seems like daily there’s something to try out. 

MetaMask Functions. 

After installing the application or the browser extension, you will have total control of your assets. You’ll be able to purchase, swap, store and manage your coins/tokens. You can do this securely and efficiently with MetaMask. 

Setting up MetaMask. 

Download the application or web browser extension. Before installing, I recommend reading the FAQ section on their website. Once you install, make sure to store your security phrase because MetaMask won’t be able to retrieve it if you forget the phrase. 

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