Whispers of Love in the Grassy Field.

In a grassy field where whispers weave,
A man embarked on a stroll, his mind to relieve.
With each step, the earth kissed his feet,
But fate had a twist, a tale to greet.

Lost in the sway of the emerald sea,
He glanced behind, his shoe’s destiny.
Alone it lay, abandoned, astray,
Lost in the dance of the verdant sway.

Perplexed, he stood, pondering his plight,
What course to take, what path in the light?
Then came a whisper, soft and true,
“It takes two, my friend, to see it through.”

With a nod, he pondered this clue,
To move ahead, what must he do?
So he slipped off the other shoe,
A symbol of love, both old and new.

For love, like a journey, requires two,
To walk together, to see it through.
With each step forward, hearts entwine,
In the rhythm of love, a divine design.

So hand in hand, they’d tread the land,
Two souls entwined, in love’s grand stand.
And in that field, where wildflowers grew,
He found his love, and his missing shoe.

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