The Adventures of Jocquetta Ruth Stone.

Introduction. Chapter Two.

Everyone looked up to see a very tall boy with long braids long arms, and as Jocquetta looked around, it was apparent how good-looking he was because the girls were smiling and staring at him, including some boys. She made eye contact with him and did not look away.

His smile got even more prominent, and she smiled so hard that her jaw hurt. His name was Jocko, and Jocquetta would soon find out that her life was about to go on an adventure that would determine her future.

Everyone started to leave the classroom when her professor Dr. Carol Bridgestone asked Jocquetta to stay. So she walked up front and stood across from Jocko, and Dr. Bridgestone said, “Jocquetta, you know my son Jocko don’t you”?

She replies, ” I don’t think so.” But, Jocko says, “Jocquetta, I was the defensive back for the Greater Lions football team back in our state championship when you scramble around, causing three missed tackles. Then you threw that incredible pass just two inches over me, and your wideout caught the game-winning pass”.

“I remember you, Jocko,” says, Jocquetta; “you were holding on to my wide receivers all game long. So I’m glad it was you who lost the game.” “Wow,” says Dr. Bridgestone. Jocko “says it’s ok, mom, she’s right.” At, that moment, Jocquetta felt some feelings she had never felt before.

She had been around boys her whole young life playing sports. All sports teams are coed, so she knew a lot of boys. She knows what they smell like and how they talk, but something made her feel something with Jocko. She liked her teammates, but they never made her feel like Jocko did.

She was feeling a little intimated by her feelings. Almost like she was afraid she needed to protect herself from Jocko, not that she thought he would hurt her. But, instead, it was the opposite; she felt a source pulling her towards Jocko but with something telling her to be careful.

She’s never dated before because she never met a guy that made her feel important; also, she wanted a boy that would listen to her on an intimate level. Her male teammates listened to Jocquetta, but she wanted someone who did not just hear what she said but would take the time to think about what she said.

She wanted a boy who would not try to solve all her problems; instead, take the time to listen to her and understand how she felt about things.

Dr. Bridgestone says, “Jocquetta, the reason I asked you to stay is that spring break is coming, and my family is going to Paris for a conference on bioluminescent technology.” “So we asked Jocko if he would like to take a friend immediately he said you.” “So I’m surprised you don’t know each other.”

Jocko interrupted and said, ” I’m an admirer from afar of Jocquetta.” Dr. Bridgestone say’s “well, Jocquetta, what do you say?” “Would you like to go with us?”

Without a second to the waste, she said, “yes.” Jocquetta was all fired up inside feelings of desire were felling her mind. “Jocquetta, would you like to come over for dinner tonight?” Says Dr. Bridgestone. “I think we all should get to know each other.” “I would like to talk to you about some of your patents in bioluminescent technology.”

“You are very impressive, Jocquetta, and I think I can learn a lot from you.” Jocquetta starts to blush say’s “learn from me.” “I don’t know what to say but thank you, Dr. Bridgestone.”

“It sounds like a great idea. I would love to ask Jocko why he thought I would not see him holding my wide receivers all game long?” “Just Kidding.” They all start to laugh!

Jocquetta went to her next class set down, and all she could think about was what the heck is she going to wear to dinner and can Latoya come over and braid her hair.

She was shocked about what she felt because even though Jocko was handsome, Jocquetta used reason for her decisions, so why is she feeling this way about a boy she does not know.

She would find out why she felt this way after dinner. She was early, and Jocko answered the door when she knocked. He also thought about what to wear because he changed his clothes also and was wearing white pants, purple Vans, with a Jam World shirt covered in pink, purple and orange flowers. Dam, he looks good Jocquetta thought.

She already likes what she sees, but what she wants to know is he selfish, kind, caring, lazy, and so on. But, of course, food was second on her mind, which was strange because Jocquetta loved to eat.

Dinner was fun because Jocko’s dad was a barrel of laughs. He was like Jocquetta’s dad Michael, who is very upbeat and always makes people smile. Dr. Bridgestone looks very different at home, Jocquetta thought. She was very relaxed and could not stop smiling.

They sat down and started talking, and Jocquetta asked Dr. Bridgestone how different she was from work to home. Dr. Bridgestone explains “that work is work, home is home; it’s good to separate them, Jocquetta.” “However, work at times gets very stressful; she say’s.”

“My home life is very different because I’m married to a very kind, loving man, and my kids are good. So when I come home, I feel loved, cared about, and respected, and that’s important. Wouldn’t you agree, Jocquetta”?

Jocquetta says, ” Yes,” then Jocko walks in and asks if Jocquetta “Would you like to go out to the barn and feed the animals?” She says “Yes” before they go; he requests his mom,” Can we hang out in the loft after we’re done so we can look through dad’s telescope?” She says, “Yes,” Jocquetta says, “What kind of animals do you guys have?”

Jocko says, ” We have one goat we call Bubba; he eats everything, so don’t be surprised if he starts to eat your clothes.” Jocquetta lets out a big laugh! “We rescued three horses from a farm when our neighbor passed away.” “Awe, that’s so sad but so wonderful you are caring for the animals.” Says Jocquetta.

“Their names are all the same; we call them horse,” says Jocko Jocquetta lets out another big laugh! “If you can’t tell Jocquetta, our family loves to laugh; my dad believes love and laughter could solve all of the world’s problems.” “I like that,” says Jocquetta.

When they got done, they started walking towards the loft, and Jocko tried to hold her hand, and Jocquetta pulled her hand back and said, “not yet”. Jocko said “Okay” and did not pressure her, which she liked that he accepted what she wanted, and it shows he has patience.

They got to the top, and he turned off the lights, and they took turns and looked through his dad’s telescope. One thing kept going through her mind why did he want to spend time with me? So she asked him. “Jocko, why do you want to spend time with me?” “We don’t even know each other”?

“Well, primarily because it’s the way the guys you played football with talked about what you were like. Do I even need to say how beautiful and intelligent you are?”

“What do you mean by the way the guys talked about me? What did they say?” Jocquetta asked.

“Well, they were all shocked you did not go pro because you are the best quarterback the state has ever had. They said you led them in a way that made them feel you would give your life to win, and meant a lot to them. You were fun to be around and worked harder than anyone on the team.

They all respected you and were very intimated. They said you were loyal and knew you had their backs.” “Intimated,” says Jocquetta. “Yes, that’s what they said,” so Jocko continues to tell her all the reasons why he asked to spend time with her. She had all kinds of feelings boiling over like she left her straight iron-on, and it was attached to her soul.

Suddenly, she leans over and kisses him and says, “I’m so sorry I don’t know what to say, you must think I’m weird. I would not let you hold my hand now I’m trying to kiss you.”

“It’s ok, Jocquetta. I liked that you did not let me hold your hand right away; that shows character, you respect yourself, that’s important. My mom told my siblings and me; if you don’t respect yourself, don’t be surprised if others don’t respect you either.”

Jocquetta says, “I love your mom; she’s so amazing”!
Jocko says, “She is, and you’re fantastic to Jocquetta; you are. I’m grateful you said yes! We need spend some time together and can’t wait for Paris.”

“I can’t wait either,” says Jocquetta.

Introduction. Chapter Two.

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