The adventures of Jocquetta Ruth Stone.

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Who is Jocquetta Ruth Stone?

She’s 19 years old. She was born in the year 3333 on October second. She was adopted at two years old; she came wrapped up in a purple fiber-optic blanket with a digital wallet. Her digital wallet had only two things her ID and an NFT Girls Riding Things # 3002. It’s not the rarest of NFT, but it’s worth over 4,444 Ethereum, worth over 8 million in Bitcoin.

Her parents were killed when a power surge at a Metaverse theater exploded, and everyone was killed in the accident. She had no other relatives, so she was sent to the Love Police.

Her adopted parents were both Bio Engineers at Tesla Out Of Mind Therapy, Inc. They both excelled at their jobs and always found a lot of time to spend with their children. She has two sisters and one brother.

As a young child, everyone around her noticed something special about Jocquetta; all loved her. This was a rare thing because, at the time, the world was turning into a place of lies and confusion. No one trusted, well, no one.

She excelled in every expect of life, from being a four-star quarterback to the State wrestling champ. She desires to be the best and the one who her teammates rely on to bring everyone together and take down any challenge.

Sports were not the only thing Jocquetta exiled at. Her mind and heart was her best asset. She thought for herself. No one, and I mean no one, will tell her what to do.

She had one fault. She puts too much time in thought on how to please others. She did what she wanted but with hours, days, and sometimes months of thought onto something making life at times putting things off because she did not want to upset the people she loved.

Her desire to love and be loved was also scarce because life in the year 3333 was like most times where some people were blinded by hate, but Jocquetta had a spirit that broke down those barriers and brought everyone together.

She is in her first year at Stanford University. Class has been like a day listening to her younger sister telling her about her new boyfriend, who is now boyfriend number four in six months; it’s a wonder what she’s doing in — modeling and simulation of Medtronic Sytems class.

When all she wants to do is paint, draw, and write. But she agreed with her parents that she would study something that had a promising career. But when she graduated, she could do whatever she wanted to do for a job.

Her goal is to be the number one NFT artist in the universe. She draws in her sleep, paints with her mind, and spends most of her spare time covered in acrylic paint. Her first class is getting ready to end, and that’s when he walks in.

The first chapter will be published on March thirteenth, 2022. After that, I will publish a new chapter every other Sunday.

Introduction. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four. Chapter Five.

Chapter Six.

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