The Adventures of Jocquetta Ruth Stone.

Introduction. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three.

The rain has stopped, but the wind has not; the flight has been in the air for about 10 minutes; when the flight attendant comes on, the loudspeaker says, “The last 15 minutes will be very bumpy as the air is turbulent. So please stay seated and ask us for help if you need to get up.”

It takes about 40 minutes to fly from New York to Paris, France. Jocquetta grabs Jocko’s hand and says, “I hope your mom’s staff packed my research materials well. The blue and purple case is the most important. I should get it from the bin.”

She unbuckles herself and stands up when a flight attendant says, “Mama, you only have a couple of minutes, and you need to sit back down in your seat and put on your seat buckle. Is there something I can help you with?”

“No” Then, suddenly, the plane drops dramatically, causing Jocquetta to hit her head on the top of the aircraft’s ceiling. Everyone screams for about 20 seconds; everyone starts to calm down over the loudspeaker; the pilot says, ” Sorry folks, we are heading into clean air and will start descending into the flight pattern to land at the Paris International airport.”

Jocko gets unbuckled and sees that Jocquetta is breathing but unconscious. He yells for a doctor. The other passengers start praying when the flight attendant asks for a doctor over the loudspeaker to come to the front of the airplane when a woman approaches and says she’s a doctor.

She asked for a first aid kit and found some smelling salts placed under Jocquetta’s nose Jocquetta woke up saying, “I can’t see.” The doctor told her it would be ok; she probably had a concussion her vision should come back. Jocko knew it was more severe from their experience with concussions.

“Jocko, what are we going to do?” He says, “Whatever we do, it will be based on the love I got you, J.” The plane landed safely; a flight attendant whispered, “I hope she’s ok.”

There was an ambulance waiting to take Jocquetta to the hospital. They loaded her into the ambulance, but the EMTs said Jocko could not ride with them. He told them he wouldn’t leave her side, so figure something out. They told him to ride upfront.

Jocko tried calling his parents but got no response. Being alone in this situation made him feel scared, but not for himself; it was for Jocquetta. What is he going to say when he can see her? What if she can’t see?

Then he remembered something his mom told him. She said, “Every relationship has times where the best thing you can do is be quiet and just listen because not all issues in life can be solved in one day; just be by her side.”

So that’s what he did when he walked into the room; the first words out of Jocquettas mouth were, “That better be you, Jocko. Is it you?” “Yes, it’s me, J; what can I do?” “Get me some food, some sweet tea, and some good tissue, please I can’t see, but I still cry tears.

But first, just come hold my hand and sit with me for a minute; strangely, I feel strange because I’m sad, but I knew that this could happen, and that’s what my research is about; that’s why I’m ok I think.”

Jocko sat and listened until a couple of doctors and nurses came into the room and asked him to leave for a couple of minutes while they spoke to Jocquetta.

One of the nurses sat beside her and held her hand. The doctor explained to her that the lens of her eyes is damaged, but everything else is fine; there’s no fix for that yet, but there’s a research student with the same name that might be on to a solution. Is it you, Jocquetta?”

“Yes, it’s me funny, huh, right; I’m blind, so I guess I have a lot more motivation, but it’s strange until your blind; you don’t know until you know. But I’m confident I will figure it out because that’s just me.”

The doctors tell her that they believe she will cure blindness with her bioluminescence technology. It has shown the most promise when curing blindness.

Jocko comes back with everything she asked for and some flowers, which put a smile on her face. She reached out for the flowers and said, “Thank you for just being here, Jocko, and the flowers remind me that I can still see with my other senses.”

“Your welcome, J; what else can I do?” She say’s, “Cure blindness.” They both laugh and continue to laugh until another nurse comes in the room and asks Jocko to step outside for a minute.

About 8 minutes go by when Jocko’s parents show up, and he is shocked because his parents are freaking out; he has to calm them down. He thinks what happened to all those talks about in times of chaos to be a calming force.

He thought life sure is funny sometimes. The staff would not let Jocko’s parents in the room, which made his mother mad, but she calmly waited in the waiting room, tearing through a box of tissue. Getting Jocko to text her every time a doctor goes in and out of the room.

This went on for four hours until Jocquetta went to sleep. Along with everyone else in the waiting room.

The following day is going to be a big day for Jocquetta.

Introduction. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three.

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